The Steam Masters Tour

Short Name: TSM

Tour Director: Marc  Harmon  


Tour Since: 12/7/2018

Format: Stroke

Rounds Playing: 2

Weeks Per Season: 25

Competing On: PC - Steam

Tour Rules: Rules for this event will be as follows:
1) Play the first round of The Player`s Club society round in game then come to this site post the score card hole by hole info
2) Play the second round in society in game after completing that round come to this site and post that 2nd round score card hole by hole info
3)ABSOLUTELY NO CHIPPING ON THE GREENS! PERIOD, Unless there is a clear obstruction from your ball to the hole such as a bunker or if the break of the green will cause your ball to go through the fringe/fairway to get to the hole on your putt. IF caught chipping on the greens with out it being justified you will be banned from BOTH societies and banned from this site NO EXCEPTIONS!

Other Info:

The Steam Masters will be the first cross society event on TGC and will be hosting 2 round tournaments per week playing on 2 different courses! There are 2 societies that will be involved and that is The Player`s Club and this site`s very own society The Steam Masters score tracking will be as follows and options to use: You must play the 1st round in The Player`s Club society after completing the first round come to this site and post your score card(Hole by hole scoring). Then play the 2nd round of society round in game and again come back to the site and post that 2nd round score card information. Both scores will be put in the database and pulled out into it`s own leader board system then after each TSM(The Steam Masters) event each week points and earnings will be awarded then after 25 week season we will declare a winner then reset the points/earnings and start a new season of play. There will be some confusion on how all this works and comes together but trust me after some testing on the players part and the site`s part to make sure scores are collected correctly all will see it will be a very nice event to play each week!

Options on posting score card each round: Please make sure you have checked in for the event on this site just click “Check In” under Reserve Tee Time on the main page or the Tours main page. After you have checked in then you have completed round 1 of The Player`s Club society round please make sure BEFORE you exit the game or advance that you view your score card. It is very important for your journey of play on this site you click score card and see hole by hole info. Now when you are on your score card screen, either 1) SAVE your score card via the screen shot process such as click the F12 key on your keyboard OR the print screen button on your keyboard. No matter what method you choose make sure you save your score card with your preferred method, then after you have saved it come to the site`s main page/Tours main page and look for the section “All Tours Current Events” then click Post score card for round 1 of The Player`s Club. The same process will go for round 2 of The Steam Masters. Play the round 2 of society, after you putt out on hole 18 go to your score card, save, go to this site post your hole by hole info. The entire process for each round will take up 2 minutes of your time so it`s not taking a long amount of time or effort.

Again I know there will be some confusion and mix ups but there is also some testing going on for a few weeks to work all of the bugs out. Why only 2 rounds for this event? We thought some players might not be able to play and complete all rounds in both societies and this gives all a chance to be on a fresh new leaderboard system by just playing 1 round of each society and posting those 2 rounds on the site.

The reason behind posting the scores well A just doing something we done on this site in TGC 1 playing multi course tournaments and B since HB Studios will not allow this feature we as players and Admins have to be creative. Also HB Studios seems only to help their favorite TGC Community site on collecting stats in a much easier way and they refuse to give this site a helping hand. The only stats we will not be collecting will be the FIR,GIR and those types but all birdies eagles and pars those type of stats will be fully collected!

Any questions comments or concerns please feel free to post them on the site main page on the blog section. Thank you all and good luck in this great new event in our steam community!